Tortious Misrepresentation

A claim in a products liability suit may be based on false or misleading information that is conveyed by the manufacturer of a product. A person who relies on the information conveyed by the seller and who is harmed by such reliance may recover for the mis-representation. This basis for recovery does not depend on a defect in the product, but rather depends on the false communication.

Tortious misrepresentation may appear in one of three basic forms. First, a person may commit fraudulent misrepresentation, or deceit, in which the person knows that a statement is false and intends to mislead the plaintiff by making the statement. Second, a person may commit negligent misrepresentation, where the person was negligent in ascertaining whether a statement was true. Third, some jurisdictions allow for strict liability in instances where a manufacturer makes a public statement about the safety of a product.

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